We are a web development company dealing in projects of varied types and sizes. We’ve delivered successful projects ranging from e-commerce sites, trip planner applications, Online Learning sites, directory listing sites to projects as varied as a browser based MMORPG (Multi-player Online Role Playing Game), MLM (Multi-level Marketing), Live webcam streaming service (using Flash Media Steaming server).

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of web programming and design, we pride ourselves in finding solutions to every diverse problem faced by you. We have delivered thousands of successful projects till now, of varying complexity with utmost sincerity and timeliness. Our growing list of satisfied clients are a testimony to this fact!

Our core area of expertise is-

Backend Development

PHP Programming along with MySQL/SQL Server/PostgreSQL/Oracle Database for persistent storage.

  1. MVC Frameworks– We have completed several projects in Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter
  2. CMSs– We have created websites using WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!
  3. E-commerce Stores– Several e-commerce stores using Magento, Shopify and Opencart have been created by us. We specialize in creating Magento Modules.
  4. Big Data Applications– We have created web aggregators/scrapers using PHP Regex. We have generated logs for websites using NoSQL databases like MongoDB and created searches using Apache Lucene based ElasticSearch.
  5. API Integrations– We have integrated several APIs into existing websites/applications. Some of the APIs integrated are-
    • Facebook Graph API,
    • Google Maps and Google Auth
    • Here Maps API
    • Twitter API
    • Paypal payments API
    • IQ Engines API (now acquired by Yahoo) and many more.

Frontend design & development

  1. CSS Pre-processors like Less/Sass with nodeJS for compilation – We’ve coded HTML for large web applications using HTML5, Less Framework using mixins, variables etc.
  2. AngularJS and Ionic Based Frontend- We have created responsive mobile ready applications and websites using the popular AngularJS framework
  3. JQuery Widgets– We have written several JQuery widgets and plugins from scratch, and even customized some of JQuery Ui’s own widgets as per our customer’s requirements. We have implemented several JQuery plugins in our websites as well.